First post in 2 weeks due to relocation! But I eventually put my head out of the boxes, and here I am. The flat is still totally messy but the most important is done : the kitchen is stored and set up…. Posts are coming back and with them summer recipes for holiday time! We start with a very nice starter for picnics: Brioches stuffed with vegetables. I have been inspired by the plate of the person sitting next to me during a brunch at Ladurée, I eyed it throughout the lunch and then rushed to replicate at home the concept of stuffed brioche.

Brioches stuffed with green vegetables

Cook: 10mins
Prep: 15mins

Serves 4 people

- 4 Parisian brioches (brioches with a head)
– 1 tbsp of frozen broad beans
– 1 tbsp frozen green peas
– 1 tbsp frozen snow peas
– 3 tbsp cottage cheese (0% fat free if wanted)
– 1 tbsp crème fraîche (or sour cream)
– salt, pepper
– freshly chopped chives

Cook the different green vegetables as directed on the packages. Prefer a short cooking time to keep them crunchy. Then drain them well. Slice the snow peas in 4.

Mix cottage cheese, crème fraîche and snipped chives. Add salt, pepper. Add the vegetables and mix gently.

Remove the head of brioches and core them by removing a few crumbs (careful not to remove too much at risk to break the brioche). Place a large tbsp of vegetable mixture in each brioche.

Serve immediately with the head on one side and a small salad of arugula.

- Vegetables can be cooked the day before, but do not mix the cheese and arrange it in at the last moment brioches.
– Super recipe also for a picnic chic: in this case, filling the brioches, give them the head and wrap in foil.

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