Good will, soon the second Sunday of Advent, It's time to start Christmas Workshops. This year I started with sweets. First one of my favorite sweets, the “Calissons” which are essential Christmas in Provence and are often part of 13 desserts. The Calisson are subject to a challenge with Sophie, we decided we had 1 year to become pros calisson order to demonstrate the Culinary Blog Salon 2012. So I invested in sheets of unleavened bread and candied melon, I looked for cutters calissons I finally found but not received in time for this time and I started my hunt for recipes.

Here is my first attempt with a recipe Cakes in the City, slightly modified because with no apricot jam, I replaced with Yujacha by Coréacolor (kind of jam made from fruit marinated in honey flavored with bitter orange and lemon) which gave a very different taste to calissons. Verdict, really not bad, for a first, I was pretty happy with the result, they were very nice and very good. Next time I would just like them to be a bit less sweet and more sour. Apart from the galley paper unleavened, it is rather simple to do and it really impress your guests. Simply, if you use a cookie cutter means to cut the first piece of unleavened bread with a knife along the edges of the punch every time (as well say hell); So the sheet of unleavened bread that is true calissons, it is but only if like me you do not have cookie cutters oval and then you cut your diamond calissons. Ready for home-made calissons?

Calissons 1.0

Prep: 20mins (+20min with leaf and unleavened bread cutters)
Resting time: 2hr + 6hr (or 15 minutes in the oven at 60 °)

Serves 50 calissons
– 150g of candied melon (no coloring)
– 50g of apricot jam (or orange marmelade d'or Yujacha)
– 300g of freshly ground almond powder
– 200g icing sugar
– 2 teaspoons of orange flower water
– 2 or 3 drops of almond extract (Only if you like)
- 1 or 2 thin sheets of unleavened bread (optional)

Royal Icing:
– 150g icing sugar
– 1 egg white (35g)
– food coloring (optional)

Mix finely the candied melon and apricot jam. Add the orange flower water, bitter almond (optional), ground almonds and icing sugar. Mix until the dough forms a ball.

Put the almond paste between two sheets of parchment paper and lower it to 1 cm thick with a rolling pin. Remove the top sheet and allow to dry the dough for 2 hours at least. If you want to put a piece of unleavened bread, after removing the sheet of parchment paper on top of marzipan, replace it with the sheet of unleavened bread and press gently to adhere it.

Form Calissons with a “Calissons-cutter” or, If you do not, cut into diamond using a sharp knife. Repeat until all the dough frequently dipping your knife in your cutter or a bowl of warm water, This will prevent sticking and will become a perfect cut through.

If you put a piece of unleavened bread, ask your cookie cutter on the sheet of unleavened bread. Using a small sharp knife cut the thickness of unleavened bread along the inside of the punch before cutting your cookie or cutting diamonds directly with your knife, almost vertically to avoid crushing the sheet.

Keep leftover almond paste and repeat until all is gone.

Place calissons (face unleavened bread on the plate if necessary) on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper sprinkled (no excess) icing sugar.

Prepare the frosting: Beat the egg whites until stiff and add the icing sugar and beat again until mixture is smooth and glossy and coats the spatula. Possibly add a touch of powder or liquid dye.

Dip top of each calisson in the icing, Drain and rest on the parchment paper. The glaze will get smooth on its own. Let dry a few hours in a cool, dry place or in the oven drying at 60 ° for 15 min.

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