I really wanted to republish and especially try the recipe green tapenade with parmesan I had already posted on the blog a year ago because I finally got the original proportions of the mother Nath (a big thank you to Nath and his mother BTW). So excited to finally have the keys in hand again Tapenade delight that identical, I hasten to buy my 2 jars of pitted green olives. I started mixing green olives with Parmesan and almond powder, it makes a little noise, I found a core, pfff they are not really careful these industrial… I serve all my tapenade proud my guests, everyone loves, until Nico summons accusing me of wanting him broke a tooth because it fell on a core. Ahhh, you as you got a core, pfff this is crazy! Level lowering tapenade, however, it becomes clear that there is not one, but dozens of cores. Ahhh, I bought a jar of olives pitted and non pitted, this is probably why it made a noise in the mixer; pfff but they were like the jars, they could more clearly mauvaisefoi #.

Despite the nuclei, it is still enough for a photo; okay I redo 2 days after I put in jars as gifts for my parents whom I am going on holiday. And I clean all jars nickel, and I try to make too nice labels to stick on it to make it nice for the photo and my parents… and I forget them in the fridge, starting at the airport # têtedelinotte.

Green olive tapenade with parmesan

Prep: 10mins
Cooling: 1hr

- 2 box of pitted green olives (weight about 300g undrained)
– 150g almond powder
– 150g grated Parmesan cheese
– pepper

Mix the grated Parmesan cheese and ground almonds few seconds. Add the box of pitted green olives with almost all their juice. Mix again 2mn (attention, it can squirt a bit). Add pepper to your taste (no need to add salt, juice of olives in charge).

Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at least 1 hour to cool.

Serve chilled on small toasts or with bread sticks for an evening snack.

TheNo can taste the tapenade after one hour of rest in the fridge but it's really better the next day.

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